Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 07/26 17:00 2 Augsburg II vs FV Illertissen - View
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 08/02 17:00 3 FV Illertissen vs TSV Aubstadt - View
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 08/10 12:00 4 SpVgg Hankofen-Hailing vs FV Illertissen - View
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 08/16 17:00 5 FV Illertissen vs Buchbach - View
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 08/24 16:00 6 Eintracht Bamberg vs FV Illertissen - View
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 08/31 16:00 7 FV Illertissen vs Schweinfurt 05 - View


Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 07/20 12:00 1 [11] FV Illertissen v DJK Vilzing [13] W 5-0
Euroopa sõpruskohtumised 07/12 15:00 - SW Bregenz v FV Illertissen W 0-1
Euroopa sõpruskohtumised 07/06 12:00 - Stuttgarter Kickers v FV Illertissen D 3-3
Euroopa sõpruskohtumised 07/03 16:30 - TSV Kottern v FV Illertissen W 0-3
Euroopa sõpruskohtumised 06/30 12:30 - FV Illertissen v FC 08 Homburg L 1-2
Euroopa sõpruskohtumised 06/25 16:00 - FV Illertissen v SGV Freiberg L 1-2
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 05/15 15:30 34 [8] Greuther Fürth II v FV Illertissen [5] L 2-1
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 05/11 12:00 33 [4] FV Illertissen v Buchbach [18] L 1-2
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 05/03 17:00 32 [13] Viktoria Aschaffenburg v FV Illertissen [4] D 0-0
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 04/26 17:00 31 FV Illertissen v Ansbach W 4-0
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 04/20 12:00 30 TSV Aubstadt v FV Illertissen W 0-2
Saksamaa Regionalliga Bayern 04/13 12:00 29 Schweinfurt 05 v FV Illertissen W 0-2


Matches played 41 22 19
Wins 19 11 8
Draws 6 3 3
Losses 16 8 8
Goals for 75 44 31
Goals against 63 32 31
Clean sheets 11 5 6
Failed to score 5 1 4

Wikipedia - FV Illertissen

FV Illertissen is a German association football club from the town of Illertissen, Bavaria and was established in 1921. Despite its location in Bavaria the club had never played in the league system of its home state but instead preferred to play in neighbouring Baden-Württemberg. At the end of the 2011–12 season the club however decided to switch to Bavaria.


Although the town of Illertissen is in Bavaria, its proximity to other towns in the neighbouring state of Baden-Württemberg has allowed it to participate in that state's competition. In 1963, it became the first Bavarian team to win the Württembergischen-Pokal (Württemberg Cup) when they defeated SV Hussenhofen.

The club has played as a lower division side for most of its history. It won promotion to the Landesliga Württemberg I (VI) in 1979 and played there until 1987. After slipping briefly into the Bezirksliga (VII), the club returned to the Landesliga, and in 2003 advanced for the first time to the Verbandsliga.

A rivalry exists with Spvgg Au, which is in the same district as Illertissen. After several years playing against each other in the Verbandsliga Württemberg (V), both teams were promoted to the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg (V) in 2008. Au had some seasons earlier become the first Bavarian side to play in Baden-Württemberg and Illertissen followed its rival. The club qualified for the Oberliga through a promotion round playoff, alongside Kehler FV.

In December 2011 the club decided to switch to the Bavarian league system from the 2012–13 season onwards. The reason for the switch was the introduction of the Regionalliga Bayern, which the club only needed to finish ninth or better in 2011–12 to qualify for. A fourth place in the Oberliga in 2011–12 allowed the club to qualify for the new Regionalliga. In the 2012–13, in the Regionalliga, the club finished in third place and, as the best placed non-reserve team in the league, qualified for the first round of the German Cup.

The club was once more the best non-reserve side in the Regionalliga Bayern in 2013–14, finishing second behind FC Bayern Munich II and once more qualifying for the first round of the German Cup. Illertissen lost after extra time to Werder Bremen in the first round but received a €140,000 starting fee and the gate receipts for the game in prizes.

FV Illertissen on Saksamaa jalgpalliklubi, mis tegutseb Illertissenis, Baieri liidumaal. Klubi asutati 1921. aastal ja mängib alates hooajast 2010–11 Regionalligas, Saksamaa jalgpalli neljandas liigas. FV Illertissen on võitnud Baieri karikavõistlused kolmel korral, aastatel 1996, 2006 ja 2015.