Rumeenia Divizia A 11/24 15:00 - CSU Craiova v CSM Resita W 31-32
Rumeenia Divizia A 11/20 11:00 - CSM Resita v CS Sannicolau Mare W 39-27
Rumeenia Divizia A 11/13 11:30 - CSU Politechnica Timișoara v CSM Resita W 26-37
Rumeenia Divizia A 10/16 13:00 - CSM Resita v CSM Oradea-2 W 38-23
Rumeenia Divizia A 05/06 15:00 - CSM Fagaras v CSM Resita L 34-29
Rumeenia Divizia A 04/16 15:00 - CSM Sighisoara v CSM Resita W 35-40
Rumeenia Divizia A 04/01 12:00 - CSM Resita v CSM Oradea W 38-23
Rumeenia Divizia A 03/22 16:00 - CSM Resita v CS Medgidia W 29-25
Romania Cup 02/23 15:00 1 CSM Resita v CSM Bucuresti L 20-27
Rumeenia Divizia A 11/25 16:00 - CS Sannicolau Mare v CSM Resita L 35-34
Klubide sõpruskohtumised 08/22 07:00 - CSM Resita v CS Universitatea Cluj L 23-34
Klubide sõpruskohtumised 08/21 16:00 - Poli Timisoara v CSM Scolar Resita L 47-29

Clubul Sportiv Municipal Reșița, commonly known as CSM Reșița, or simply as Reșița, is a men's handball club from Reșița, Romania, that plays in the Divizia A. The club was founded in 2014 as HC Adrian Petrea Reșița, to continue the handball tradition from town, after the dissolution of a much greater club UCM Reșița. After a few seasons in the Liga Națională, the club encountered financial difficulties and retired in the middle of the 2016–17 season.

In the summer of 2017 HC Adrian Petrea Reșița was refounded and re-organized as CSM Școlar Reșița, being the handball section of CSM Școlar Reșița.